9 Tips on How to Use TikTok for Business

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TikTok is extra than simply an area wherein Gen Z dances to viral soundbites. TikTok’s excessive engagement prices attraction to organizations who need to develop audiences with new styles of social media content material.

Create a internet site in your enterprise and sell the URL for your TikTok account bio to direct engaged visitors on your portfolio, product pages, associate hyperlinks, and extra.

In this submit, we’ll have a take a observe pinnacle pointers and thoughts for organizations to advantage traction on TikTok.

Why you must use TikTok for enterprise

But earlier than we get into a few pointers, let’s set the degree for the way beginning a TikTok account can gain your enterprise.

Tip: If you’re unusual with the social media network, study extra approximately it from the What Is TikTok guide.

TikTok has a excessive engagement fee

Regular customers in addition to influencers see considerably better social media engagement prices on TikTok as compared to comparable networks like Instagram. For example, Justin Bieber’s dance venture garnered a 3% engagement fee on Instagram, at the same time as the equal submit on TikTok were given him 49%.

There isn’t as lots opposition yet

While TikTok have become wildly famous during the last few years, the platform continues to be developing as many manufacturers haven’t jumped at the bandwagon yet. Businesses who seize onto TikTok advertising early can win huge. Low opposition method you could connect to a bigger section of your goal target target market. Not handiest that, however low opposition additionally results in decrease paid advert spend, making it a fair extra attractive advert platform in your enterprise.

TikTok will increase logo consciousness and attain

Authentic content material is king on TikTok. While many influencers and types on Instagram move for highly-polished pics and motion pictures to seize attention, customers like TikTok’s spontaneous and proper content material. These posts specifically appeal to Gen Z, who frequently favor to devour extra comfortable and easy-going media. Brands who supply this on TikTok can assist enhance their logo consciousness and attain more youthful target target market members.

How to apply TikTok for enterprise

We’ve included the why, now let’s have a take a observe the how: You need to recognize a way to optimize your TikTok content material to fulfill your enterprise goals. Consider those pointers and check what works pleasant together along with your logo’s goal target target market.

Tip: Take your account to the following degree and discover ways to make cash on TikTok

  1. Find your area of interest

Without a area of interest, you danger your content material getting misplaced in among the viral dance tendencies and informational motion pictures. By that specialize in one inside your enterprise, you could get innovative inside sure restraints. Your area of interest must, of course, be associated with your enterprise or merchandise, and the extra particular, the better. TikTok person, @iamnicorojas makes motion pictures withinside the advertising and branding area of interest that garner hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of perspectives.

Just recollect to always spotlight your logo’s predominant factors in each submit to preserve your logo memorable in customers’ minds.

  1. Leverage person-generated content material

Many organizations don’t recognize wherein to get commenced on TikTok, however you could effortlessly kick off your account via way of means of repurposing and sharing person-generated content material. User-generated content material (UGC) is any submit any other person creates that mentions or indicates your logo or merchandise.

You can ask your target target market to proportion motion pictures of themselves together along with your merchandise on TikTok after which repost the ones motion pictures in your personal account to have interaction together along with your target target market proper away and generate unique content material with little to no finances. What’s extra, their published motion pictures will assist you attain new customers.

Often, larger manufacturers, along with Adidas, accompany those posts with branded hashtags. If you look for a famous logo on TikTok, you will see person-generated content material that the logo’s clients have created with its merchandise. Furthermore, seeing that this natural content material doesn’t seem as promotional, it has a tendency to correctly seize eyes and captivate audiences.

  1. Create a branded hashtag venture

Using a completely unique hashtag, you could dare your target target market to create and proportion unique motion pictures both as a viral fashion or for a prize. With many human beings growing motion pictures, you will reveal many new customers on your logo in a positive, natural way.

When Pringles joined TikTok, the logo created a branded hashtag venture #playwithpringles to encourage customers to get innovative with a Pringles can. The marketing campaign went viral in Europe and caused over a billion perspectives and 343,000 person-generated content material entries.

  1. Incorporate trending sounds

Song clips will be inclined to move viral in TikTok motion pictures. While man or woman customers and influencers frequently use them, manufacturers can get in at the fun, too. First, it’ll display your target target market that your logo remains on pinnacle of trending conversations.

Second, the TikTok set of rules will in all likelihood display your video to extra customers. Even in case you don’t base your video across the trending sound clip and it sincerely performs withinside the background, it may nonetheless display up for different customers once they look for that sound on.

  1. Be genuine

We already stated that TikTok customers cost genuine content material, so that they won’t pick out with polished motion pictures that appear extra like commercials. No one appears for perfection on TikTok, they need unique and relatable personalities. Make positive your logo suits that tone, too.

If you run a enterprise promoting merchandise, attempt displaying the behind-the-scenes of your enterprise to stumble upon as genuine and relatable. Videos as easy as displaying you packing orders, answering target target market questions, explaining your merchandise, and introducing your self or your personnel may have a huge effect in humanizing your logo and attracting new audiences.

Small enterprise owner @safetyxxfirst makes keychains with objects supposed to preserve girls safe. She frequently seems in her TikTok motion pictures to reply fans’ questions. These motion pictures assist positioned a face to the logo and the persona that shines thru enables promote merchandise.

  1. Dabble with paid commercials
  • If your social media advertising approach consists of paid commercials, amplify your finances to TikTok, too. Paid commercials can correctly attain even extra visitors, sell a sure product or sincerely create extra logo consciousness. Choose from those distinct paid commercials on TikTok:
  • In-feed commercials: These minute-or-much less commercials display up in a person’s feed as they scroll thru motion pictures.
  • TopView commercials: Users see an auto-play video with sound and a CTA once they open the TikTok app.
  • Branded hashtag venture commercials: Brands pay to have customers see their hashtag venture on TikTok’s Discover Page.
  • Brand takeovers: These full-web page commercials additionally seem while customers open TikTok and a static image, GIF, or quick video as much as five seconds lengthy pops-up, selling a logo takeover.
  • Branded outcomes: Brands create filters, stickers, or video outcomes that different TikTok customers can follow to their motion pictures.
  1. Partner up with influencers

Collaborate with influencers on promotional content material to increase your attain. There’s quite a few capacity in case you use influencer advertising correctly, so do not neglect this tactic.

To begin, make a listing of influencers who fall into your area of interest. Don’t deviate too a ways out of your enterprise or logo persona or you’ll danger alienating your target target market or seeming inauthentic. Reach out to allow them to recognize you’re inquisitive about hiring them, and allow them to recognize your finances.

Once you discover a collaborator, base your scope of labor on what deliverables you each agree on. It may be whatever from the influencer posting approximately how they use your merchandise, including hyperlinks to their web page or motion pictures to sending extra clicks on your internet site. You may even request for them to submit a evaluation of a highlighted object out of your product line.

  1. Check out your competition

Follow hashtags for your area of interest in addition to competition for your enterprise to peer how different organizations use TikTok. Watch their motion pictures to apprehend how your target target market may engage with particular video edits and outcomes. For example, you notice comparable logo motion pictures that frequently characteristic textual content overlays and reactions, your motion pictures must emulate this as well.

While dermatology recommendation may also appear out of vicinity on TikTok, it has turn out to be a highly famous area of interest at the platform with customers like @dermdoctor getting hundreds of thousands of perspectives on their motion pictures.

A famous layout is response motion pictures wherein a medical doctor remarks on any other TikTok video, and for organizations coming into this, it makes experience to duplicate this video enhancing layout and faucet into this present target target market.

  1. Experiment with distinct video types

TikTok gives customers many innovative video options, so make the effort to study the platform and get cushty with the usage of distinct outcomes. Don’t restriction your self to a unmarried video characteristic or danger your visitors seeing you as a one-trick pony.

  • Your enterprise may want to use those distinct styles of motion pictures:
  • Team introductions: Show your customers an afternoon withinside the existence of your personnel.
  • The grand excursion: Give your fans a brief excursion of your places of work or workspace.
  • Case studies: Share examples of what you’ve carried out for customers withinside the past.
  • Before and after: Highlight a alternate earlier than and after the usage of your product or services.
  • Tell a story: Share your logo’s origins or an inspirational purchaser journey.

Product demos: Demonstrate how your product works in a quick TikTok video.

Tip: You may even use a video maker to get innovative TikTok footage. Just alternate up the motion pictures you submit in order that it doesn’t get too repetitive.

There’s no restriction on what you could submit. From lovable workplace pets to time-lapses of your processes, TikTok offers manufacturers the gap to get innovative at the same time as uniquely enticing customers.

Screenshot of the Wix video maker which may be used for tiktok for enterprise

Tip: At Wix, we use TikTok content material to have interaction with our target target market. Here you could discover a Wix branding professional sharing pointers and insights approximately brand shadeation psychology. While the video has an academic and playful approach, we additionally use it to introduce our Wix Logo Maker tool.

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