How to Grow Your Freelance Career to a $100K Business

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When Lindy Alexander left her complete-time activity to present freelancing a try, she gave herself twelve months to make it paintings. In her first eleven months of freelancing, she made $100,000. Seven years later, she is an award-triumphing tour creator with an expansive portfolio on her commercial enterprise website, a consistent circulation of assignments and a six-discern earnings. On pinnacle of that, she runs her personal on-line commercial enterprise, The Freelancer’s Year. What began out as a profession recommendation weblog for different freelancers has accelerated to encompass a newsletter, courses, and personal coaching.

Grow Your Freelance Career to a $100K Successful Business, Same Like a Pro

When I first began out freelancing, I knew not anything approximately the way to begin a commercial enterprise. Lindy’s direction placed me at the proper track. Although she broadly speaking works with writers, her techniques are relevant to all types of freelancers. So, I sat down together along with her to examine greater approximately the secrets and techniques to her fulfillment and the way you could use them to make it big.

Lindy Alexander: My ardour became in function writing, however I did not sense like I could earn the majority of my cash that way. I determined to get into content material marketing. So, I zhuzhed up my LinkedIn profile and reached out to human beings I had written for before. I leveraged my fitness writing enjoy and requested fitness agencies in the event that they wanted a creator. I despatched out letters of creation to everyone.

Did you dip your toe into freelance writing at the same time as you have been running complete time, or did you simply leap proper in?

It began out as a facet hustle. I took a function writing direction and posted an editorial by the point it ended. I simply saved pitching, getting gigs and writing articles. Eventually, editors began out to return back to me with assignments. Suddenly, my preference to be a social employee diminished. I began out that specialize in freelancing [and hit a] factor once I puzzled if I ought to maintain an earnings as a complete-time freelancer.

I became pleased whilst human beings began out paying me to put in writing. But once I began out doing it complete-time, I needed to have a take a observe it from a commercial enterprise angle. I checked out all of the paintings I had finished over the preceding 18 months and thought, “I cannot spend six hours on an editorial that can pay me $a hundred and twenty until it’s a ardour project.” I targeted on getting paintings that might convey withinside the bulk of my earnings.

The freelance direction is so unpredictable. It’s both drizzling or pouring. How do you manipulate the glide of your commercial enterprise?

I suppose the ones ceremonial dinner or famine instances come from insecurity. A lot of freelancers don’t sense assured that they are able to price what they need, say no to assignments, or push timelines returned. Clients frequently lease freelancers with the angle that it’s an emergency and we take in that. I’m plenty higher now at remembering that their emergency isn’t always mine. Holding the ones obstacles is so difficult, however so important. This is my commercial enterprise, and I want it to paintings for me.

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What different elements do you watched could make freelancers’ lives easier?

Consistency. Freelancers come to me and say, “I’m now no longer getting any traction with those letters of creation.” But once I communicate to them approximately it, they’ve most effective finished it for every week or so. It’s a numbers game, so that you want to hold placing your self out there.

Having a lengthy-time period view is surely important. When freelancers are busy, they suppose, “I can not likely tackle some thing else.” But whilst matters are quiet, the car has completely stopped. It takes some time to get the ones wheels turning again, and those panic.

You don’t need to be in complete acceleration mode [all the time]. Just live in contact and those will come returned to you. I saved in contact with an editor over the past 4 years and in no way labored for him. But he referred to as me closing week with paintings. Some connections repay quickly, however others take years to germinate.

Many freelancers get demanding approximately quoting or negotiating rates. How do you navigate that conversation?

An inner hourly charge makes it easier. Have an earnings goal every month and every week. You want to realize what number of hours you need to paintings and what sort of you need to earn for every hour.

Track your hours so that you realize how lengthy it takes you to put in writing a 600-phrase weblog put up or a 12,000-phrase white paper. You’re now no longer simply pulling out a number. You realize precisely what works for you. If they don’t take delivery of it, you could pass on and pursue different possibilities.

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When do you forgo the high-paying jobs for ardour projects?

Usually, it’s tour or meals writing. Next month, I’m going remote places for 10 days. I won’t receives a commission very plenty, however I’m going to have fantastic possibilities that I wouldn’t in any other case have. I simply need to [plan to] have sufficient paintings to hold me through.

I simply had an editor [reach out with] 10 tales to assign. I advised her I ought to most effective tackle two, however I ought to assist discover different writers.

It comes returned to that self belief piece. I’m plenty higher at announcing to editors, “I can’t take this on,” or “I’m away, however I ought to take this on subsequent month.”

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How do you manipulate the stuff like networking and running a blog that doesn’t make cash?

For me, I exercise session what number of real hours of writing paintings I do every week [and base my rates on that]. When human beings need to make $100K according to year, that is $8,333 a month, $four hundred according to weekday. But you’re now no longer running 8 hours an afternoon for fifty two weeks. You need to provide your self breaks. And as a minimum 30% of my time is going to bookkeeping, researching, pitching and running a blog.

It’s surely approximately making plans and preserving manipulate of your time. It’s now no longer sexy, however it makes the whole lot a lot easier.

You’ve stayed in freelance for eleven years at this factor. What makes the tough paintings worthwhile?

If you’ve got got a salaried position, you’ve got got a cap on what you could earn. I’m now no longer specially cash-motivated, however I can see the direct correlation among the [freelance] paintings I do and the quantity I receives a commission.

I love the flexibility, freedom and version of freelance. I’ve written approximately parenting, fitness, commercial enterprise and education. Now, I’m in tour writing. There are such a lot of possibilities to pursue what you adore and to satisfy thrilling human beings.

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