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Check LESCO Bill

Welcome to Our Website. At, you can check LESCO Bill Online for free by just putting only 14 digit Reference Number or Customer ID. You can view, download and print or check bill amount, due date, and check payment status that either your bill is paid or not. Just click on the below button to continue.


Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) began out its offerings from 1998. LESCO is accountable to deliver and control power service to the districts of Lahore, Sheikhupura, Okara and Kasur.


How to View your LESCO Bill Online

Obviously you want to go into 14 digit Reference Number or customer id to check your LESCO Bill Online. We have made it smooth to go into reference number wherein you simply want to type the number and our machine will itself deal with the enter subject awareness. On different websites, it’s miles a bit demanding if you have to manually set awareness to 2d and 0.33 enter subject, however We have made it less difficult to enter reference number via way of means of managing enter awareness itself.


Here at, we’ve got made it terrific smooth to test LESCO Bill Online, after which you can download or print the duplicate bill copy for free.

There are distinct distribution corporations for Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar and different principal divisions. So in case you aren’t sure what’s your energy distribution corporation name, you could take a look at this listing of energy distribution corporations in Pakistan, after which search your associated corporation’s billing internet site to get your bill. Then Just visit our website and click on the desired Provider Company.

You can also check the IESCO Bill Online from our website by just clicking on that link. Click Here

If you wan to check any Bill through Pakistan, you can also do this from our website. Click Here

No want to get both (Reference Number and Client ID), simplest one fee is sufficient to get your reproduction WAPDA LESCO Bill.

Some human beings additionally name reference number as consumer number, and client id as consumer id, however technically there may be no consumer number or id on LESCO Bill. So you may don’t forget consumer number/id or reference number/id the same.

Steps to Check your LESCO Bill Online:

  • Visit any or Our LESCO Bill Website.
  • Enter bill reference number, or customer id (simplest one required, now no longer both) and click on on ‘Check Bill’ button.
  • In the following screen, you’ll see your bill amount, due date, difficulty date etc.
  • If you need to look complete bill, click on on ‘View Complete Bill’ button.
  • In complete invoice view, you may print or download your LESCO software bill.

LESCO Helpline 24/7

In case of any complains, or questions you may touch LESCO Headquarters via way of means of calling client offerings range: 111-000-118. If the road is going busy continuously, it doesn’t imply that the receiver eliminated from the road and there may be nobody to respond, however meaning a big range of customers are looking to reach, therefore, it is able to take some time in order to get connected.

If you’ve got got problems for your invoice, like “bill blocked”, or you’re searching out invoice correction, you may go to Customer Services Center for your nearby area, or name LESCO Headquarter (111-000-118). Please go to the closest workplace for brand spanking new connection / registration.

Information About LESCO Bill

Let’s undergo the vital fields on LESCO wapda bill. Many human beings ask questions on invoice fields like FPA, CR, invoice comfort etc. so we’ve defined maximum of them below:

CR Meaning:

CR is credit score invoice quantity. It is the stability quantity which can also additionally display for your invoice in case you paid your closing invoice greater than the real bill quantity. This quantity will deduct out of your subsequent invoice(s) as it’s far kind of fee made in advance. For instance you’ve got got CR = -500, your subsequent invoice quantity turns into 2000, then the five hundred will deduct from 2000, and you’ll ought to pay simplest 1500.


GST is General Sales Tax which applies to the strength price. Currently the GST ratio is 17%.

Arrears/Age in LESCO Bill:

Arrears is the final quantity or the quantity that turned into now no longer paid withinside the closing invoice. You can also additionally see this discipline when you have transformed your invoice to installments, otherwise you paid partial invoice quantity.

LESCO TR Surcharge:

It is the Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. The TR Surcharge is some thing associated with NEPRA and GOP tariff. NEPRA will decide tariff and Government notify a uniform tariff for all Distribution Companies. TR is the distinction of NEPRA and GOP tariff. If distinction is positive, it’ll be payable via way of means of GOP as “Subsidy”. However in case of poor distinction, the Distribution Company pays to GOP as “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge ( IDTR SUR )”.

Deferred Bill:

If you see ‘Bill Deferred’ for your LESCO strength invoice, because of this you’ve got got desire to both pay your complete invoice quantity or delay your bill, and your current bill amount will divide into installments and delivered to the following payments, and there can be no overdue fee surcharge.

PM Relief:

During the Coronavirus Pendamic, the Government has given comfort to LESCO and all different electric powered deliver organizations wherein home customers that eat much less than three hundred gadgets are loose to both pay their invoice or now no longer, and in the event that they don’t pay, it’ll divide into installments and delivered to subsequent payments with none more charges. With the PM Relief package, even the industrial customers were given subsidy on their strength payments.

Taxes in LESCO:

FC Surcharge: Financing Cost (FC-SUR) surcharge turned into commenced on tenth June 2015. This surcharge applies to fed on gadgets to make sure series of debt servicing of the Power Holding Private Limited. FC surcharge price is calculated as 0.forty three in line with unit.